SISTERS is a 54-month EU project involving 18 partners from 8 countries, that aims at reducing food loss and waste through a dedicated package of innovative solutions. Through the implementation of these solutions the project expects to reduce food waste and loss across all the stages of the Food Value Chain: production (20-40% reduction), transportation (20% reduction), processing (10-30%), marketing (10-15% reduction) and consumption (10-20%).

Below, we dig into the details of the key SISTERS innovations, the achievements so far, and the expected advances for 2024:

  1. Online short chain platform enabling farmers to sell excess fruits and vegetables directly (Regioneo), reducing food losses during the stage of food production: a prototype has already been developed and, over the coming months, the platform will be piloted and optimized in close collaboration with primary producers. If you are a primary producer and you are interested in a free trial, you can register through this link.
  2. Innovative containers (BULKBOX and STOREBOX) integrating an effective tracking system based on sensors to reduce food losses during transportation: a first version of bulk box (for storage and transport of bulk products), has already been developed and tested in Spain and Italy. Storebox (for packaged products) is currently under development and will be tested this year. Further optimizations of bulk box are also foreseen for 2024.
  3. High-performing, biodegradable, recyclable and compostable active food packaging: SISTERS advanced food packaging is under advanced stages of development with several formulations and products already tested. 2024 will see its pilot production and demonstration, including assurance of food safety and performance.
  4. Seal of excellence for retailers supporting sustainability and best practices for food waste reduction: best practices for food waste reduction that will enable the attainment of SISTERS Seal of Excellence are already under research. In 2024, the most relevant best practices will be defined and specific materials promoting these practices will be elaborated, in preparation for the official implementation of SISTERS Seal of Excellence.
  5. New label based on a QR code that provides key product information such as origin, environmental cost, methods for proper conservation or specifications on the expiry and best consumption dates: a survey on consumers knowledge and interest regarding food waste has been conducted. The QR labelling is under design and specific contents to be linked through the QR code will be prepared this year.

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