Maja Lundell is a master student in the program of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology at KTH University, she is doing her master thesis (30 ECTS, from January to June 2023) in Dr. Amparo J. Quero’s group and co-supervised by the postdoc Dr. Pamela Freire.

The project aims valorise residues from The Real Green Food Co‘s production, mushroom stems in this case by developing a bioprocess for the production of novel food packaging and/or coatings. That will comprise the extraction of valuable compounds from food loss as additives in food packaging applications. The functionalities of the target compounds should increase the shelf life of the food to reduce food waste at the end of the value chain (e.g. antioxidant, antimicrobial or mechanical improvement of the packaging formulations).

Maja is investigating the extraction and downstream processes for the obtention of bio-additive and the verification of its properties towards the specific applications. The approach will include the use of green extraction processes, analytical characterization of active compounds and characterization of the material properties for food packaging.