What is a Practice Abstract?

An EIP-AGRI (European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability) practice abstract is a concise summary describing a specific agricultural practice or innovation. These abstracts are part of the EIP-AGRI network’s efforts to promote knowledge exchange and innovation in European agriculture.

Typically, an EIP-AGRI practice abstract provides key information about the practice, including its objectives, methodology, outcomes, and potential benefits. They serve as valuable resources for farmers, researchers, policy makers, and other stakeholders interested in adopting or promoting innovative agricultural practices that contribute to sustainability, productivity, and competitiveness in the European agricultural sector.

SISTERS Practice Abstracts

The SISTERS project aims to develop a total of 80 Practice Abstracts which is divided into two batches. The 1st batch contains 25 Practice Abstracts (now available) and the 2nd batch contains 55 Practice Abstracts (available in January 2026). All abstracts are available in 6 EU languages.