For this day, the SISTERS project has organised a month full of dissemination and communication messages to raise awareness on the importance of food waste and loss reduction across the EU and the world.

SISTERS will be a key EU H2020 project addressing the problem in a holistic way, reducing food loss & waste by 27.4% and CO2 emissions by around 20% in the case studies. The project will develop a set of systemic innovations across each stage of the agri-food value chain in order to tackle this issue: new tools for primary producers for promoting direct and Short Chain sales; new technological innovations in packaging for processors and retailers; and awareness campaigns for retailers and consumers on food loss and waste.

What would be SISTERS impact & contribution?

SISTERS aims to impact all stages of the agri-food value chain with an expected average reduction of 38% of losses and wastage across the chain.

The project will directly contribute to the following UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as also outlined for this Green Deal call. SISTERS’ work will reach beyond food loss and waste as important for economy and relevant for fighting climate change. In particular, SISTERS’ contribution to the SDGs targets is linked to:

  • SDG2 – zero hunger: decreasing food losses and waste and supporting local farmers and direct sales.

  • SDG9 – industry, innovation and infrastructure: promoting the relation between industrial innovation and society in the pace of creating advantages for present and future generations.

  • SDG 11 – sustainable cities and communities: raising resilient systems and awareness for responsible and sustainable operation along the entire Farm to Fork chain.

  • SDG 12 – responsible consumption and production: increasing biodegradability of packaging material and the dynamics related to conservation and recyclability in the consumer lever, thus promoting efficient food systems.

  • SDG13 – climate action: reducing pollutant discharges during transport, saving CO2 emissions, energy, residues.

  • SDGs 14 and 15 – life below water and on land: reducing side effects from unsustainable plastic accumulation that generate microplastics that affect soil microbiome and the biodiversity of landfills and oceans.

Get involved in SISTERS actions for the #WorldFoodMonth 2022 campaign:





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