KTH FoodTech is a student organisation from KTH University (SISTERS partner). Their mission is to connect students to the amazing and fast paced world of Foodtech as well as inspire them to make greener food.

SISTERS and KTH FoodTech joined forces to carry out an insightful lunch lecture featuring a presentation on the project elucidating the vast amounts of food which are wasted or lost in the European Union and worldwide 🗑️🌎.

Later, KTH FoodTech’s keynote speaker went on to outline the main challenges facing the entire food value chain, as well as the plethora of holistic solutions addressed, covering logistics,  packaging, and also some cutting-edge technologies which aim to valorize waste biomass.

Alongside these engaging presentations, KTH FoodTech also provided our guests with some of our distinctive gastronomic goodies.

Finally, they wrapped up the presentation with thought-provoking conversations between our speakers and the audience, who discussed first-hand various potential solutions in the industry and also in our households for these challenges that affect the world.

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